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Family Mediation

& Coaching Services

You can start the family mediation process even if you have not yet spoken with a family lawyer.

This is what divorce mediation will look like at Aligned Choices

Step One -

Individual Sessions

First, I will meet with you privately. I will ask questions, as well as answer any you have. Telling me what you're seeking and why will allow me to better focus on finding workable solutions ahead of the joint sessions.

Step Two -

Joint Sessions

We will then all meet in the first joint mediation session. I will lead the discussions and balance the needs for freedom of expression and for providing a safe space. I will bring up each topic, respond to each party's concerns in a manner that encourages curiosity, and guide the conversation toward lasting resolutions.

Step Three -

Agreement Drafting

We will continue with the joint meetings until all subjects in need of attention are covered. Afterwards, I will write up a list of all the points of agreement and give you both a copy or send it to your family lawyer.

Agreement Signing

Step Four -

I recommend that you speak to a family lawyer and receive advice as we go through these steps together. If you did not consult one before the negotiations, you still have a chance  to do so before you sign a legally binding separation agreement.

Move Forward

Step Five -

At this stage you will have the framework for your co-parenting responsibilities, including how you have agreed to communicate with one another, what needs to be discussed, and when. The agreement will need to be revised as your children grow up. Follow up calls and sessions within the first year are normal, and returning to mediation is always a good option.

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Take a look at our transparent payment plans


Mediation & Coaching Plans

 All plan totals below indicates the minimum each party pays. During your free consultation I will confirm which plan suits your needs.

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