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About Richard

Accredited Family Mediator | Coparenting and Relationship Coach

My experience as a Family Mediator has been enriched by my previous work as a mental health worker. For 12 years now, I have specialized in assisting adults during life transitions with intuitive support as they made difficult decisions while experiencing periods of stress and grief.


My role as a family mediator is assisting couples to formalize the end of their relationship while preserving their right to self determination, as well as providing for a safe and effective process.  


While working one on one, as a mediator or coach, we will take the time to discover what you need to move forward. You will be involved in designing the process so that you complete it with the best possible outcomes.

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Richard Brydson Family Mediator #2

People tend to see me as patient, intuitive, and unburdened by strong emotions. I take great care in helping my clients regain their clarity, sense of safety and peace of mind.

Insight Mediation
Relaxed Client using self-inquiry

My Approach...

as a Family Mediator and Coach includes insight and narrative modalities. In the insight approach we acknowledge that feelings are always present when clients talk about their interests. My focus on narratives involves listening to my clients story of conflict, so that new insight can be found, and clear choices can be made in a learning environment.


With this in mind, when an impasse proves hard to dissolve, I seek permission to use guided self inquiry, in a joint session or privately, to aid clients in finding the insight that addresses the impasse at its source. As a coach, our work will involve building your perspective taking abilities and showing you how to use self-inquiry as a means to renew your energy, repair painful experiences, and make decisions about how to move forward. 

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