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Aligning Individual Action with Desired Outcomes


Why Choose Family Mediation?

Aligned Choices Mediation offers family mediation and divorce coaching services in Toronto. 


A mediator can help you reduce stress caused by the patterns of defense and confrontation in your relationship. I will model how to shift these patterns so that you can accomplish your goals for the mediation. 


My method includes using active listening and clarifying questions, which allow me to neutrally represent what you care about as a way of achieving new understanding and agreement.


With persistence, you can take charge of communicating what you care about so that it is heard by the other. If you or the other party has concerns about this proposal, there are other safe ways to structure the conversation and move you toward lasting resolutions.


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Why Is Aligned Choices Mediation Different?

I strive to inspire confidence in my clients that what they care about will be received by me with understanding and acceptance, and that our conversations will help them achieve their goals.


Participation in any avenue of discussion is always voluntary, and participants are encouraged to trust my suggestions so that the energy currently used for the conflict can, over time, be directed to help their actions become more aligned with their goals.

Who Can Benefit From Family Mediation?

  • ​Couples who have separated or are in the process of separating

  • Individuals looking to change the way they approach a conflict situation at home or at work

  • Adults wanting to communicate their healthcare plan to their family after a sudden change of health

  • Siblings who are having to make long-term care decisions for a parent

  • Parent and teenage child who are losing sight of their all important bond, and are in need of a recovery plan 


How Does Family Mediation Work?

The first step involves a brief 15-minute phone conversation where our initial questions are asked and answered. The length of the conversation is flexible, and will be long enough for us to start getting to know one another. Within that time, I will confirm that my services are appropriate for your situation. 


If we are satisfied and want to proceed, I will send out a confidential intake form and schedule an online individual intake session of at least one hour. Payment for the first session will need to be paid when the booking is made.


After both of the individual intake sessions have taken place, I will notify each participant within 2–3 days whether mediation is appropriate. If mediation is deemed to be appropriate, I will design a mediation process specifically for your circumstances. If it is not deemed appropriate, I will make a recommendation for another type of process. 

​I only offer a closed mediation process. This means that all discussions are non-prejudicial in nature and cannot be used as evidence in any court proceeding which may follow our meetings. If there is no agreement, and mediation is terminated by any of the participants, no final document summarizing the discussions of the mediation will be written. Furthermore, no conversation will take place afterwards where individual thoughts, opinions, or perspectives are shared.


What to Expect from Family Mediation

  • Due to recent updates on how services can be offered in the province of Ontario intake sessions will continue to be held online using the Google Meet platform. In-person mediations will be provided upon request, and all current social distancing policies will be observed. 

  • All issues to be discussed in mediation will have to be agreed upon by all parties to the mediation.

  • Progress notes can be made available to each party after each meeting, so that they have time to review and reconsider what they have agreed upon. 

  • When issues to be mediated have legal ramifications (i.e. division of assets and property, shared parenting or support arrangements) the process is best supported when the participants seek independent legal advice from a family lawyer both during the process, and as it is being finalized.

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