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Family Separation is hard for everyone. Family Mediation is a way out.

The disillusionment of separation is often the piece that makes it one of the most difficult transitions you will experience in your lifetime.

If you’ve separated from your spouse, you’re likely feeling a lot of uncertainty about your future. Your unanswered questions have answers, and we will find many during the process, paving the way for you to move forward.

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During separation it’s hard to see what the future looks like.

When you make the first call, you may not know what your first step should be, or perhaps you just want the mediation to be over with as quickly as possible.

Be reassured that during our first call I will recognize what's most important to you. I may offer advice on how to resolve one of your pressing concerns, or make suggestions on the best starting point for the process.

The collaboration that will get you through starts here.


Meet Richard 

Accredited Family Mediator |  Coparenting and Relationship Coach

During the past 7 years, as a mediator and coach, I have helped many clients see through impasse by turning uncertainty into self-confidence.  


I will take the time to discover what you care about by using an approach called insight mediation. This way I can help you recognize and formulate your needs in a collaborative context and enable you and your spouse to participate in 'learning conversations' during the process. These types of conversations have been shown to create the atmosphere where considered and present long term planning can be made.

My goal is that our work together will help you (re)define your future, and that you and your co-parent leave feeling clear, energized, and ready to handle life's challenges.

Richard Brydson Family Mediator
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What I Can Help You With

Create a Parenting Plan

Set Wellness Goals

Intuit Your Future Lifestyle

Establish New Habits



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Break through impasse – find the best solutions for your family

Richard is a calm and empathetic mediator. He is truly able to see many perspectives and bring multiple sides closer in an efficient and respectful way. Highly recommend!

- Ryan D.

Richard Brydson’s mediation skills are second to none. His understanding and empathy were immensely reassuring. I highly recommend him.

- Mike M.

Richard is a good listener. He's also thoughtful, insightful, level-headed, warm, fair, and compassionate - all qualities useful in tending to people in times of difficulty.

The bonus is his sense of humor. Richard can see the lighter side of most situations, even tough ones, and that's a gift. 

- Robin H.

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Phone Call

Let’s Talk

During your free consultation, we will discuss what's most important to you, explore options and potential solutions. By the end of the call I will make sure that my services are appropriate for you and make a proposal to meet your needs. Call or book a consultation today to discover how the Aligned Choices Mediation approach can help.

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