Woman in a dispute with a family member, desperate for a resolution

Coaching for Individuals


Coaching Services for Conflict Management in Toronto

This service is open to clients already receiving mediation services at Aligned Choices. Provided both parties agree to the individual sessions taking place, the meetings can provide the additional support clients need to reach lasting agreement. 


Aligned Choices offers mediation participants a chance to have one-on-one sessions to learn conflict management skills that will help them turn conflict into meaningful and productive conversations. 


We all have to deal with conflict in life, and having coaching sessions with a family mediator can lead to less adversarial disagreements. If you are struggling with defining boundaries in a way that preserves the bonds you have with the people you care about then coaching sessions may help you.


We aren’t born with a set of healthy conflict management skills and we may not have been taught how to create and maintain boundaries without conflict. If you tend to avoid conflict at all costs or seek to control the outcomes  – and want to take the lead in making a change –  you will greatly benefit from conflict management coaching. 

Divorce Coaching


This service is for someone who is unsure they want to separate from their spouse, or who is looking for a guide to assist them to choose the right separation process, as well as, provide support and resources as that process gets started.

Coaching for Individuals

This service could be beneficial to someone who is looking to change a conflict dynamic they are experiencing at home, at work, or in the community. The one-on-one meetings are focused conversations that explore individual and shared meaning, which can help participants gain crucial insight. Participants will also learn conversational skills, and will receive guidance on how to welcome new perspectives.


Coaching for Groups & Businesses

Conflict coaching workshops are available for various types of groups, such as intentional communities and small-to-medium healthcare agencies. Groups may need to revamp their collective communication methods, which is possible with the use of reflexive practices. I also work with communities and organizations to co-create conflict-resolution policies and tailored structural intervention procedures. The goal of these policies is to improve individual experiences and encourage participation towards shared goals.

Do you live and work in Toronto and are looking for individual or group coaching? Call me today at 647-783-6705.

How Groups Can Benefit from Conflict Coaching?

When people work closely together, disagreements are bound to arise whether between colleagues or between managers and their staff. The culture of this business may be that of a family, but is it a family where employees feel safe to say to their managers that they need extra support or more training and not fear being considered expendable. 


The word is out that organizations that focus on providing their people with an environment of trust and collegiality are more profitable, as they provide significantly better customer experiences. A comprehensive conflict resolution plan using alternative dispute resolution and organizational systems designs that are proven to reduce conflict in the workplace.


This is a practical and profitable solution for businesses. A global business psychology study on conflict in the workplace conducted in 2014 found that the average worker spent 2.1 hrs per week dealing with conflict. For a country like the the UK that translates 370 million lost working days per year. There is a better way to do business that will improve moral, cooperation, productivity and profits.


If you have under-performing employees or if the level of hostility is building between managers and staff, I urge you to give me a call or send me an email so we can discuss how I can help.


Relationship Repair Coaching

Clients may be unsure that they are ready to separate from their spouse or may be actively looking for ways to stay together. They could also be family members who have experienced a protracted estrangement, and want to explore ways to end the separation. 

They may also be a teenager and parent who are experiencing the strains which come with one's need for growth and independence, and the other’s need to maintain safe limits in the form of boundaries. These seemingly intractable conflicts can be reset and reconfigured with the input and guidance from a family mediator and coach.


As long as all family members are open to discussing the possibility of reconciliation, this conversation is possible. Building individual strength in conversation is essential in these discussions, as is a firm commitment to challenging what we know about the person. 


With perseverance, people can begin to come to terms with the past and begin to hear each other again.

How is Relationship Coaching Different from

Couples Counselling?

Couples therapy and relationship repair coaching both focus on various relationship troubles, such as money issues, a loss of intimacy, as well as trauma and past hurts. The main difference between relationship coaching and couples therapy is the approach of the helping professional.


The difference lies in the fact that many psychologists have studied abnormal behaviour as a way of discovering which person in a relationship carries out certain behaviours that need to be modified. 


With a trauma-informed lens, my relationship repair coaching practice sees all behaviour as an understandable adaptation to that person's life experiences. Developing new ways of communicating and renewing the trust that has been harmed or lost in a relationship requires a reversal of attention. When we stop focusing primarily on what the other is doing, we give ourselves room to explore how our behaviours have contributed to past conflict. 


For example, if you and your spouse or partner find it difficult to discuss important matters without fighting, or if you tend to fight more while on vacation, relationship coaching will provide the tools necessary to help refocus your energy individually so you can then engage in healthy dialogue without resorting to heated arguments. 

As your coach, my job is to gently guide you through the learning process while keeping you both on a path to not just stay together, but thrive with one another.  


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