The Aligned Choices Approach To Conflict Resolution in Toronto

A central focus of my mediations and coaching sessions will be to balance needs for independent expression and providing a safe space. This will be accomplished by receiving what each participant cares about without judgement and then normalizing emotional statements into relatable requests for change.


Aligning personal intention with action comes with becoming aware of how to establish sustainable boundaries and knowing the limits of asking for change in the relationship. Join me and together we can foster the empowerment you need to find lasting resolutions.

About Richard

My name is Richard Brydson, and I am a family and divorce mediator accredited with the Ontario Association of Family Mediation (OAFM).


During my professional career, I have specialized in assisting adults during life transitions with intuitive emotional support as they pass through periods of acute stress, prolonged grief, and losses of positive personal identity.

​As a family mediator, I seek to provide a safe environment for my clients to explore goals and feelings to the depth they choose.


The decision-making and learning conversations within the mediation process I design for you will be informed and adapted by each client's individual needs and goals.

The foundation of my approach as a Family Mediator and Divorce Coach is a natural outgrowth of the reflexive practices and strategies I developed and used extensively during my work in healthcare prior to becoming a mediator. 


I have always had a strong intention to promote aspects of justice and treatment of others that are in line with their needs. For the past 8 years, I have specialized in working with adults experiencing irreversible life changes, and have an extensive background in supporting people who have suffered prolonged grief in ways that promote renewal and peace of mind. 


Working privately, I advocated on behalf of my clients in ways that promoted independence and emotional fulfillment. I continue to be a strong advocate in these ways, however, the rights-based context I used previously has been honed and softened with self-reflection practices, learning in trauma-informed methodologies and harm-reduction service models.  

A Message to Anyone Dealing With Conflict

There is no right or wrong way to think or feel during these conversations.  Exploring your future plans and concerns with the other person in the mediation room after years of misunderstanding and lack of support may sound like an overwhelming proposition. 


However, I’ve found that practical solutions can be reached when people in mediation share what needs to be said, are validated by me in the process, and are then able to refocus on speaking their truth with peace of mind. 


My role as mediator will shift as needed between grounding the conversation in the present and looking for ways to elevate participation beyond well worn patterns. 


These discussions may feel raw, but they can lead to a more courteous exchange based on mutual understanding, or at least to a less stressful and more tolerable conversation. I’ve seen first-hand how mediation can positively transform spousal relationships and repair family discord. When it comes to deciding on a co-parenting strategy, mediation is often the key to moving forward and finalizing decisions that focus on the child’s best interests, happiness, and well-being. 


At the end of our mediation, I’m hoping that you and your former spouse or partner will have a new-found recognition of each other’s needs and acquire the conflict-resolution tools you need to meet each other with fairness, honesty, and respect.


Embracing the mediation process can require a level of openness and honesty with yourself and with your former spouse or partner that may seem too taxing or unrealistic at the outset. Even though the journey may feel painful at times, considering everything that can be gained in the long term, it may prove to be worth it. 


And remember, I will be there every step of the way.

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